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‪Duale could be Kenya’s third Prime Minister if BBI proposal is implemented without amendments



Garissa Township MP, Aden Duale at his office during interview with Kulan Post last year. (Kulan Post)

NAIROBI—Garissa Township legislator, Aden Duale stands a high chance of becoming the automatic Prime Minister if the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Taskforce proposals are to be adopted.

In the proposals, the Prime Minister will be the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly. Duale is now serving this role as the Majority Leader in the National Assembly.

On the President’s tasking, the Prime Minister will chair Cabinet sub-committees. 

“President will appoint an MP from the largest party or coalition in Parliament as Prime Minister who will take up the position after being approved by Parliament,” the report says.

The report adds that the Prime Minister shall have supervision and execution of the day-to-day functions and affairs of the Government.

The report similarly proposes that Kenyans continue to elect their President who remains the Head of State and Government. The report also says that the Deputy President should remain the principal assistant to the President and will be the running mate.

Counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi, in a tweet, said Duale could make Kenya’s third Prime Minister if the proposal is implemented, as it is, before 2022.

“If the BBI (Building Bridges Initiative) proposals are implemented before 2022 @HonAdenDuale will automatically become Prime Minister of Kenya,” he tweeted days after the report was unveil at the Bomas of Kenya by the President and the Leader of Opposition, Raila Odinga.

That sentiment was supported by the Leader of Majority in the Senate, senator Kipchumba Murkomen who said Duale’s appointment will heal the political division among main tribes in Kenya. Duale comes from the Somali community, the sixth largest in Kenya.

“BBI report says that if @HonAdenDuale is appointed as a Prime Minister chairing cabinet sub-committees then we shall have healed our divisions&Kenya will be more united unless of course u don’t believe a PM can come from the North. NB/ I support BBI,” Murkomen said.

Duale has severally mentioned his interest in the post of the PM, or the position going to the pastoral communities if the Constitution is amended. 

“I have been consistent since the 2010 constitutional change; Kenya best governance system should be a parliamentary system, where all communities will have an opportunity to lead the country not a preserve for the 5 big tribes forming a winning coalition,” Duale said 

But Duale’s stumbling block to becoming the next PM is his association with the Deputy President, William Ruto and “TangaTanga” brigade. In the BBI proposal, the president has the discretion to choose the PM from any MP from his party. And if Duale becomes the automatic PM, the president might fire him or mobilize the MPs to impeach him.


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