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MP challenges anti-radicalisation actors to be realistic in their approach



WAJIR—The government’s approach to countering violent extremism and the fight against Al Shabab will not bear fruits unless changes are made in how the anti-radicalization message is passed.

Speaking in Wajir when he attended meeting with actors in the anti-radicalization campaign, Tarbaj lawmaker Ahmed Bashane said packaging of anti-terror messages is unlikely to achieve successful outcome maintaining that youths and other target groups hardly get the information to help them deflect the propaganda and misinformation by the militant groups.

“It’s outrageous that CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) seminars l and sensitization meetings are held in Wajir town while those who bear the brunt of the violence and radicalization live along frontier areas such as Tarbaj sub-County,” Bashane siad.

Tarbaj and the upper Wajir East Constituencies are considered hotspot area in the northeastern region. Due to their proximity to Somalia, the constituencies was severally hit by the Al Shabab militants. The attacks are carried out mostly by militants from the same area who got radicalized.

“Take the (CVE) messages to where they are greatly needed,” Bashane added.

Their are tens of non-governmental orgernisations and local groups who work to end radicalization, but experts say their approach is wrong. The orgernisations are accused of employing tactics that hardly get the message to the victims of radicalization.


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