BREAKING: At least 10 officers killed in ambush in Wajir East


WAJIR— At least ten security officers on patrol are feared dead along Khorof Harar-Konton road, local elders tell Kulan Post.

A contingent of police officers drawn from the administration police(6) and their regular counterparts (5) from Khorof Harar stations were attacked when their vehicle—Toyota Landcruiser—hit a landmine planted on the road.  Out of the 11 officers, ten are feared dead. The ill-fated contingent were led by inspector Adow Bulale.

It was not immediately possible to get confirmation from the head of county security team.

Speaking to Kulan Post, Abdullahi Maalim Riba, an elder  in the area said an injured officer came to Konton to report the attack. Mzee Riba was in the company of other elders from Khorof Harar seeking  the return of two National Police Reservist kidnapped two days ago from Khorof Harar area.

“An injured AP officer came to Konton. He informed us that his colleagues are all dead,” Abdullahi said.

According to the officer, his colleagues were sprayed with bullets in what he termed as an ambush. He is now receiving medication at Konton dispensary awaiting referral to Wajir Referral Hospital.

Other sources indicate only six officers were killed.

On Friday night, suspected Shabab militants killed police reservist at a location in Wajir East.

Kuresh Yarow Abdi was killed Friday evening at his house in Boji Qaras location, residents confirmed.

Reports has it that the group similarly attacked another location in Khorof Harar Thursday night and took hostage three reservists, locals told Kulan Post.


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