Al-Shabab: We captured two Kenya police officers


By: Kevin Kyalo

WAJIR—Somalia based militant group Al Shabab claims it captured two Kenyan police officers. It adds that the fighters now control Konton  location in Wajir East.

In an official statement, al-Shabab mujahideen movement said its fighters seized the area and captured Kenyan police officers.

“During an organised operation carried by the mujahideen in a village in Wajir, they managed to seize the village which is under Wajir town. 

“They have also captured security forces from police of the Kenyan crusader government,” Al-Shabab said in a statement.

The reports add that al-Shabab forces seized two motorbikes and some equipment from the Kenya police.

Seven police officers died while two others are receiving medication at Wajir Referral Hospital. 

According to the County Commissioner, Lyford Kibara two others are missing.

On Friday night, suspected Shabab militants killed police reservist at a location in Wajir East.

Kuresh Yarow Abdi was killed Friday evening at his house in Boji Qaras location, residents confirmed.

Reports has it that the group similarly attacked another location in Khorof Harar Thursday night and took hostage three reservists, locals told Kulan Post.


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