Singer Mohamed BK accorded heroic welcome in Hargeysa after botched events in Nairobi

HARGEYSA—Somali singer, Mohamed Said largely known for his stage name ”BK” was accorded a heroic welcome with full security detail upon his return to Hargeysa following botched music events in Nairobi.

BK accused operatives and nationalist figures from Somalia for the cancellation of his events in Nairobi.

”Those who conspired to cancel my events in Nairobi targeted me because of this flag,” BK said at Hargeysa stadium, raising the Somaliland flag.

Mohamed BK is a member of the ”Hobalada Geeska”a band in Somaliland. He has severally supported Somaliland’s bid to break away from Somalia.

Two weeks ago, a music event by Somali musician was canceled at the last minute by the Nairobi police citing security threat.

In a police letter seen by Kulan Post, the head of Parklands Police Station said live performance by Mohamed Said known as BK, would cause injury and violence.

This was after the police received a tip-off from the public of planned disruption of the event by unknown people.

“The event is political and he is security threat…if the event is allowed to happen, people from different clans might clash leading to injuries and bloodshed,” James Murigu, the Parklands Ward commander said.

Momamed BK posted a video later on Saturday where he apologized for the cancellation of the his event. He said it will happen next weekend.

The singer is from the breakaway Nothern region of Somaliland. Sources close to the event orgernisors told Kulan Post that individuals who are “anti-Somaliland independence are planning to disrupt the event.”

The event was again indefinitely canceled by the organisers


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