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Ahmed Caato: Our development record will going to outlive our term



WAJIR—The Deputy Governor of Wajir County, Ahmed Muhumed alias “Caato” has exuded confidence that the Ahmed Abdullahi-led administration is undertaking several people-centric  development projects in the county. He added that, though it may not be immediately visible, it has a long-term benefit.

“You may fault the leadership of Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, if you must, on anything else, largely on personal interests, but you can certainly bank on his fervent energy and focus on systemic order, prudent financial management, essential service delivery and curtailing the hitherto unbridled, vender-driven and convoluted culture of contracts, to mention but some,” said Mr. Muhumed.

The administration has initiated plans to reassess the findings and establish a structured payment system for the verified pending bills, along with addressing other contentious issues that have sparked uproar in the county on December last year.

Ahmed Caato said that the administration’s unwavering focus on development paints a promising trajectory for the county’s future.

“By 2027 In shaa Allah (sic), Wajir Municipality in particular and the county at large will experience a consequential leap in development so much so that I can’t be able to know now who the next Wajir Governor will be,” he said.

Wajir County Governor Ahmed Abdullahi in past function

Mr. Ahmed Muhumed noted that it’s  difficult to predict who the next Wajir Governor will be, “but rest assured, he will have it smooth from the very onset unless they botch up along the way.”

Caato stated that advocacy for certain bare minimum governance standards will be required to ensure sustained progress, prevent systemic collapse, and guarantee optimal utilisation of public funds.

“There must be certain bare minimum governance standards we can stomach to eschew systemic collapse and entrench value for public funds,” said Mr. Muhumed.

He underscored the significance of these governance standards, emphasising the need for Wajir County residents to demand accountability and value for their resources.

Their administration, he pledged, will prioritise transparency and accountability, vowing to uphold the highest ethical standards in its conduct.

“This is oftentimes blurred by subjective analysis and political interests at play. The commitment to prudent financial management and effective service delivery, “remains critical to the local government with initiatives targeting infrastructure improvement, healthcare, education, and livelihoods across the county,” he added.


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