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Barre: Bi-partisan National Dialogue Committee is an exercise in futility



By: Hussein Abdi Barre

The By-partisan National Dialogue Committee proposed in parliament is a contradiction and an empty song to placate some nuisance temporarily but intended to achieve nothing.

Kenya being a stable country has able institutions to handle elections, and any aftermath contestation on the same. This is the very reason why both sides of the political divide presented themselves to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to umpire the 2022 elections. And it is also the same reason why the opposition side went to court for final recourse.

Both IEBC and the courts upheld the duly election of President William Samoei Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua as the president and his deputy.

The destructive protests and street demonstrations by the opposition; Azimio Coalition was an attempt in bad faith to destabilize Kenya so that it appears a failed-state to invite losers into government.

All these were machinations of one ever-unsatisfied man with insatiable appetite to lead Kenya by any means.

I find the proposed Dialogue Committee as a contradiction since it is giving in to failed-state thinking to accommodate agitations. Coming back to the same laws that were rubbished by Azimio initially to anchor a political dialogue process again is a laughable contradiction which is meant to make the opposition supporters who were misled expensively, feel Azimio was hard for Kenya to move on. This is a treachery and insincere politics of the Azimio leadership on it’s unquestioning base.

The cost of living concern excuse given by the opposition to justify this dialogue committee process is hollow and non-issue since they have every avenue to present a workable alternative approach as a government in waiting but they have none. They need no more laws or processes to offer an alternative.

The insistence by Azimio being uninterested in handshake and a government share amplifies the contradiction further which should send a warning signal to the unquestioning Azimio base that this is a temper-cooling process for the misled masses while the insincere opposition leader(s) is being accommodated through the creation of a position with perks. Should the accommodation of one man be that expensive to the nation of over 47 million people even when he has no iota of justification?

This initiative is intended to achieve nothing eventually, and is akin to BBI process which ended up leaving a smarck on the face of the proponents. It is going to prove to be the last nail to fix the historical political nuisance of one man who has held Kenya at ransome for many years.

Hussein Abdi Barre is a UDA-elected member of parliament for Tarbaj Constituency 


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