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Court papers presented by ousted Wajir Governor is valid, AG aware—lawyer



NAIROBI—The High Court order presented to the deputy county commissioner in Wajir earlier today was valid and the Attorney-General is aware, a counsel for ousted governor Mohamed Abdi said.

While replying to senior counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi who claimed the court papers were forged and fake, Peter Wanyama maintained it is legit.

“This a circus and national shame. Former Wajir Governor got himself a fake and forged court orders and then gets himself a fake number plate and storms County offices this morning. So the impeachment by the Senate is wished away?” Ahmednassir said.

“There’s is a valid court orders suspending all the proceedings after the impugned impeachment. The governor is an order. We wrote to the AG and he’s advised all relevant authorities to support the governor,” Wanyama replied.

Earlier, Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, Wajir East legislator Rashid Kassim and tens of charged supporters have broken into the designated office of the governor where a press conference was held.

Mohamed Abdi said he “is the governor of Wajir County and work will continue from where we left.”

“The Former Governor MAM, MP Wajir East RK with goons have broken in to the office of the Governor,” Habaswein MCA, Hussein Dahir said on a post to his Facebook.

Earlier, the deputy county commissioner cautioned Mohamed Abdi and the MP against “causing problems” and urged him “to go home and relax” after he officially received court papers presented by Rashid Kassim.

“Mohamed Abdi was retuned to his post (Governor) by the courts and we will support him,” the MP assured to hundreds of supporters at Orahey grounds.

He added that other county leaders will also join him in support of Mohamed Abdi.

Ahmed Ali Werar, the former deputy who’s now the serving governor condemned the breach, saying he lodged a complaint with the police. He termed the move by his former boss “vandalism.”

“The former Governor of Wajir County, Mohamed Abdi Mohamud today broke in to my office. The penal code on vandalism is very clear on such matters.

“As I officially lodge a complaint to the National Police Service on this act, vandalism on a government office is illegal and amounts to treasonous charges,” Werar said.

He added that: “My government will not tolerate acts of indecency, illegal take over and irresponsible assembling that comprises the security of our County Headquarters.”

There are reports that the ousted governor and the MP were asked to record statement with the Department of Criminal Investigation although we could not verify that particular information by the time of publishing this story.

Governor Ahmed Werar is reportedly flying to Wajir tomorrow from Nairobi where legal drama is expected to ensue.


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