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“Death by Firing Squad” Banadir Appeals Court uphols death sentence for man who torched his wife



By: Hassan Yarrow

MOGADISHU—A Court of Appeal in Banadir region has sentenced Sayid Ali Moalim Daud to death for the murder of his pregnant wife, Luul Sheikh Abdiaziz.

The appeal court upheld the earlier verdict handed down by the Banadir regional court, which had found Daud guilty of burning his wife to death following a domestic dispute.

Both courts agreed that the evidence presented was sufficient to convict Daud of the heinous crime.

“The judgment of the appeals court is clear and unequivocal – Sayid Ali Moalim Daud is guilty of the brutal murder of his pregnant wife, and he must face the ultimate punishment for his actions,” said the presiding judge in the case.

Luul Sheikh Abdiaziz, a mother of Six was an employee at Aden Abdulle International Airport .
Luul died at Erdogan Hospital after the fatal fire.

Her family members have welcomed the court’s decision, describing it as a long-awaited and just verdict.

“We are relieved that the courts have upheld the truth and delivered justice for our beloved Luul,” said Luul Father Sheik Abdiaziz adding “While nothing can undo the immense pain and loss we have endured, this verdict sends a clear message that such heinous crimes will not be tolerated in our society.”

The defense lawyer, Ali Halane, expressed dissatisfaction with the court’s ruling and indicated that they will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Somalia.

However, legal experts believe that the overwhelming evidence and the unanimous verdicts from both the regional and appeals courts make a successful appeal highly unlikely.

This high-profile case has captivated the attention of the Somali public, who have closely followed the developments and demanded justice for the victim and her unborn child.

The swift and decisive action by the courts is a testament to the country’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights of its citizens.

As the case proceeds to the Supreme Court, the Somali community eagerly awaits the final outcome, hoping that it will serve as a deterrent against such acts of domestic violence and set a precedent for the fair and impartial administration of justice in the nation.


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