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Diif town in Wajir is waterlogged as area MP calls for help



By: Abdirahman Khalif

WAJIR—The town of Diff in Wajir South Constituency is currently cut off by flash floods due to heavy ongoing rains.

Many of the town’s residents have been forced to seek shelter on higher grounds and are exposed to the harsh weather conditions.

Wajir South Member of Parliament Mohamed Adow in a Facebook post said his office has issued an urgent alert and are thankful to the Kenya Red Cross for a quick response.

The Red Cross has organised an assessment team and have mobilized essential relief supplies.

Road have completely been cutoff and the MP has confirmed the only way to access Diff is by helicopters, and it may take some time before aid reaches the affected community. He added that his office is making effort to reach the the flooded areas and provide humanitarian assistance.

“We are making every effort to reach the flooded town and appeal to all relevant government agencies and humanitarian organizations to promptly provide assistance to the people in need.” He said

This comes in the wake of devastating rains that has been hitting most parts of the Country and having dire consequences on Asal counties.

The Mandera political leaders in a press conference Yesterday urged the president to declare floods a natural disaster.


Mandera East MP Hussein Weytan said “We want President Ruto to declare the impending Elnino a national disaster, vehicle carrying foodstuffs to the affected are stuck on the road.”

The governor of Mandera Mohamed Adan Khalif has confirmed three people have so far been killed by the floods and thousands others been displaced.


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