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Divided Leadership Will Only Hurt Kenyans



By: Hassan Yarrow

The growing rift between President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua are deeply concerning for the people of Kenya. As the country faces significant challenges, including a “youth revolt” it is crucial that the top leadership stands united and focused on serving the best interests of all Kenyans.

President Ruto and Deputy President Gachagua were elected on a shared platform and vision for the country.

Now is not the time to allow political divisions or personal ambitions to get in the way of that mandate. Kenyans are counting on their leaders to work collaboratively to address the pressing issues facing the nation.

The youth, in particular, are looking to this administration for solutions to the high unemployment, lack of economic opportunities, and sense of exclusion that have fueled unrest. A divided, dysfunctional leadership will only exacerbate those problems and undermine the public’s faith in the government.

Instead, President Ruto and Deputy President Gachagua must put aside any differences and focus on delivering results for the Kenyan people. This means aligning their priorities, speaking with one voice, and working in tandem to implement the policies and programs they campaigned on.

It will require compromise, open communication, and a true commitment to serving the national interest above personal or political interests. But that is the responsibility they accepted when they asked Kenyans to entrust them with the country’s leadership.


The people of Kenya deserve leaders who will put their needs first. President Ruto and Deputy President Gachagua have an obligation to rise above partisan squabbles and demonstrate the kind of unity and purpose that can move the nation forward. Anything less would be a betrayal of the public’s trust.


The writer is a communication consultant and a freelance jounalist based in Mandera County


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