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Duale congratulates Madobe for re-election victory, calls on him to extend olive branch to Farmaajo



NAIROBI—The Majority Leader of the Kenyan National Assembly has congratulated Jubbaland leader for his re-election despite opposition from the Federal Government leaders.

President Uhuru Kenyatta shares joke with Majority Leader Aden Duale in past function. (courtesy)

In a press release seen by Kulan Post, Aden Duale similarly lauded the speaker of the federal state’s assembly as well the clan elders for “conducting a peaceful, transparent and democratic elections.”

“We urged President Madobe to begin a process of reconciliation with other political leaders and forge a long lasting relationship with the Federal Government of Somalia,” Duale, who’s also the Garissa Township legislator, said.

In his constituency of Garissa, locals descended along the major roads to celebrate the re-election of Ahmed Mohamed Islam alias Madobe for clinching the polls, although contested by the group of presidential hopefuls who felt the electoral body was not a fair arbiter.

“The peace and stability of Jubbaland State is critical to the national security interest of Kenya as our immediate neighbour, the Horn of Africa and important to the war against extremists terrorist elements in Somalia,” Duale stated.

The Majority Leader’s statement was preceded by another from the Kenyan foreign ministry which served Madobe’s victory a clean bill of health.

“We also take this opportunity to commend the Honorable Speaker of the Jubbaland assembly Hon Abdi Mohamed Abdirahman (sic), members of the Jubbaland State Assembly, respected traditional and religious leaders and members of the Civil Society for demonstrating that peaceful and credible elections can be held in Somalia,” the statement released earlier on Friday states.

Kenya’s message came moments after the Somali federal government rejected the re-election of Jubbaland leader, Ahmed Madobe at the strategic southern Somali port city of Kismayu.

In a press statement on Thursday evening, the federal ministry of interior and federal affairs termed the Jubbaland polls an endorsement drive choreographed by Madobe.

“We will not recognize the outcome of an election which goes against the Constitution and electoral laws,” the statement stated.

It continued: “The Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs will only recognize the result of an election where all candidates participated and that’s free and fair…where the Federal Government and the international community plays its observer role.”

The statement appears to respond to President Madobe’s earlier call for reconciliation with the leaders of the Federal government. 

“Jubbaland is not a stand-alone region. We are part of the Somali republic,” Madobe said in his thanksgiving speech after his victory.

Madobe’s second term is most likely going to be rocky as President Farmajo braces for hostile federal state.


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