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Duale’s move to Balambala politically insignificant, Garissa elders declare



By: ABDIKADIR OKASH,  in Garissa

Clan elders in Garissa County have failed to agree on a negotiated democracy as the most fiercely contested election in the country’s history draws near.

On the weekend in Garissa town, clan elders met in groups and in separate forums to finalise on the plan to move the current Garissa Township Member of Parliament Aden Duale to contest at Balambala next year, but the plan faltered after section of the elders clashed on the significance of the move.

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale with NONDO CEO Harum Hassan at the former's office in Nairobi. Duale may not move to Township afterall after elders clashed the sugnificance of the move. Photo/ Courtesy

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale (left) with NONDO CEO Harun Hassan at the former’s office in Nairobi. Duale may not move to Township after all after elders clashed over the significance of the move. Photo/ Courtesy

Elders led by General Mohamud Mohamed, the former Chief of Staff of the Kenyan army believe Duale’s move to Balambala is politically insignificant.

In a meeting held at the Lantern hotel in Garissa on Sunday, the elders failed to achieve a breakthrough.

Garissa Township will be Kenya’s political heavyweight’s playground as both CORD and Jubilee eye the seat to  prove their popularity in the region. CORD supports the former deputy speaker in the National Assembly Farah Maalim while Duale is the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly and third in Jubilee’s pecking order after the President and his Deputy, William Ruto.

President Uhuru Kenyatta flew to Garissa on May to show his support for Duale. Raila Odinga followed suit in favour of Maalim. A lose by either of the candidates in the 2017 elections will deal a blow to the their respective parties.

Kulan Post understand that Duale was prepared to make a declaration on Monday at Balambala at a place called Danyere, but the plan hit a snag after the close family members of the incumbent legislator for Balambala Abdikadir Aden called for a meeting to register their frustration with the plan.

Local political observers say Duale’s Abuduwaq sub-clan may likely fail to achieve unity ahead of the next elections if the current division of purpose remains.

“The other six branches of the Abuduwaq feel shortchanged in the plan since Duale’s Yahye family scooped more seat than the rest of the branches combined,” a source told Kulan Post in confidence. The guberntorial hopeful, Ali Bunow, Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden and Garissa Township MP all belong to the Yahye family.

Just over a week ago, elders from the Rer Harun in the Abuduwaq sub-clan said they would not be part of the process if a political post would not be reserved for them.

The Abuduwaq sub clan is eyeing the gubernatorial seat in Garissa County and any slight threat in their unity could see them lose the seat as happened in 2013 elections.

In 2013, Duale nearly missed the Garissa Township seat to Abdinasir Jofle while his cousin, gubernatorial hopeful Ali Buno conceded the governor’s position to the incumbent Nadhif Jama.

To avoid such scenario from happening once more, the elders hatched a political plan to save Duale from losing his seat since, apart from Maalim, he is faced with imminent threat from his close clanmen—Lamu County Secretary and former Garissa mayor Siyat Osman and Amani Deputy Leader Cpt Abdiyare Mohamud.




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