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Elnino phenomenon claims 120, displacing 90,000 households in Northeastern counties and Tana River



NAIROBI—Severe flooding caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon has killed 120 people in Kenya, while people in almost 90,000 households have been forced to leave their homes, the government said on Tuesday.

The latest estimated death toll in Kenya has doubled as heavy seasonal rains, following the worst drought in four decades, have submerged towns and villages across East Africa, rendering hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

Thousands of homes have been washed away or are marooned, while farmland has been submerged and tens of thousands of livestock drowned, aid agencies said.

Four counties in Northeastern Kenya—Tana River, Garissa, Wajir and Mandera—are most severely affected, Principal Secretary for Interior Raymond Omollo said.

“All major dams are being monitored but Kiambere has a meter remaining to overflow,” Omollo said in a statement, referring to the Kiambere Hydroelectric Power Station in Tana River.

“We call on those downstream to move to higher ground even as government enhances power generation to mitigate the challenge.”

The Kenya Meteorological Department forecast that heavy rainfall will continue until January 2024.

[Additional reports by Reuters]


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