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Ever served with free quick Iftar while stuck in jam at South C? These youths are behind it



NAIROBI—Being stuck in traffic as the minutes slowly tick down to iftar time can be a challenge for fasting motorists and commuters, especially if they do not have food or water on hand.

A helping hand at to those stuck in traffic has come from a youth volunteer group who are spending their evenings distributing iftar (dates and water bottles) to motorists and their passengers around South C and its environs since the commencement of the month of Ramadhan.

The “Voice of The Poor” which consists of 150 active members, was established in 2018 with their main goal being helping the less fortunate in the society and giving iftar to people stuck in traffic during Ramadhan.

The group chairperson, Jamal Abdulatif said he understood what people were going through being stuck in traffic close to maghrib prayers.

“I know what it feels like in that situation when you are fasting and are out at iftar time,” said the chairperson, who was handing out water bottles and dates along Muhoho Avenue last week.

“There is an eagerness to get home quickly and break your fast,” he told The Friday Bulletin.

Handing out Iftar to exhausted drivers and passengers is a great way to do good during Ramadhan, Najib Khan, the vice chairman said.

“Ramadhan is a time to do good deeds and as a Muslim it is a great thing to do; to help people break their fast. This is why we do this every evening,” he noted.

The members together with volunteers hand out dates and water bottles to every driver, regardless of their faith.

“The purpose of this service is to break our fast with someone, so we do not choose who to give the iftar boxes to, Muslim or non-Muslim. It is all the same to us and we want to break our fast with them,” Jamal said.

According to the assistant Chair, Najib, the group distributes over 500 water bottles daily through the help of donors and well wishers.

“We get support from donors and well wishers who include Major General Mohammed Badi, Director General, Nairobi Metropolitan Services,” added Najib.

Currently they operate around South C, South B and part of Mombasa Road due to limited resources but they are calling for donors to support their initiative so that they can expand this noble cause in major roads around the city.

Apart from giving Iftar to people stuck in traffic from Monday to Saturday, The Voice of The Poor spend the weekend visiting orphanages and children homes.


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