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Family, police differ on how teen girl died in Mombasa



MOMBASA—teen girl who went missing a week ago has been found dead. Najma Abdullahi Maalim, 19, died of high-velocity injury, postmortem results show.

She went missing on June 9, and her family found her dead a day later.

Police said they found her unconscious at the Dongo Kundu Bypass Highway, Mombasa, according to the family.

Najma Abdullahi went missing after seeing off a friend who had visited their home in Changamwe area in Mombasa County.

According to the deceased’s sister Effrah Abdullahi, Najma did her KCSE exams in March at Karima girls where she got a B plain.

A report got launched at Changamwe police station through OB number 30/10/06/2021.

Family of the late Najma at the police station awaiting answers. (Courtesy)

Najma passed away on Thursday at 4 am at Port Reitz Hospital, Changamwe, the family said. She was last seen around Changamwe National Housing.

Family lawyer Derrick Odhiambo said preliminary reports indicate Najma was found along Bonje road while unconscious.

“Reports indicate that it’s the police who actually took her to Portreiz hospital. She however succumbed hours later,” Odhiambo said.

However, Changamwe OCS Flabio Karimi has another theory as to how the girl died, saying Najma likely died in a road accident.

“The accident occurred within Jomvu. We are waiting for more details and a post mortem report,” he said, adding the body was taken to the mortuary at Port Reitz Hospital.

MUHURI assisted the family to conduct an autopsy at Coast Provincial General Hospital on Saturday.

“Preliminary results are out—they reveal Najma suffered a seven-centimetre fracture on the right side of her head, which also had a deep cut. There were visible marks of injuries on her face, too,” a statement by the human rights group said.

Najma’s brain got clogged with blood, a sign that she had massive internal bleeding, according to the pathologist.

Doctors have taken samples for toxicology test at the government chemist to determine whether she was a victim of sexual assault or if she got induced before she died.

Najma was buried earlier per Islamic ritual.

“MUHURI condoles with the victim’s family for this heartbreaking loss and calls for a thorough and professional probe into this incident,” the statement added.


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