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Full text of BBI resolution by the governors of Wajir, Mandera and Garissa




We, the people of the Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera Counties , wish to join hands with the rest of Kenya to embrace the Building Bridges Initiative chaired by Sen. Mohammed Y. Hajji and as put forward by H.E. President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga and as proposed by the Taskforce on the Building Bridges Initiative.  

Cognizant  of the fact that the Initiative is both necessary and timely coming at a time when there is a need to heal rifts among the leadership and peoples of this country following the bruising elections of 2017. 

Recognizing that divisive elections have continued to wreck the fabric of this nation every five years, thus threatening peace and livelihoods and also destroys livelihoods impacting negatively on the economy.  

Acknowledging that negative ethnicity and unbridled competition among our political leaders has entrenched a culture of tribalism, cronyism, favoritism, and nepotism in the management of our public affairs, giving rise to corruption.  

Appreciating   that various measures have been undertaken at the national level to address these ills, including the Report of the Eminent Persons on the 2007 Post Election Violence and subsequently through the enactment of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.  

We the people of the Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera Counties having met to deliberate on the BBI report do hereby make the following recommendations: 

1. Land

• The National government to undertake land spatial plans for each of our counties in our region

• The Government should register all community land and ensure that community land registration takes place before any large scale compulsory acquisition of land. Apply policies uniformly and transparently to minimize suspicion and increase confidence.

• Review the Land Value Index Amendment Act 2018 to ensure community land is valued at its correct level in accordance with Article 63 of the Constitution of Kenya

• Require that any prospecting and exploitation of resources on, under and above the surface of any community or public land be carried out cooperation with county governments and communities that have customary ownership of the land.

• Ensure the exploitation of natural resources to benefit the locals through a defined revenue sharing structure.

• The  Government should remove the 3 Miles rule along River Tana between Garissa County and Tana River County which is a source of conflict  and boundary line to be the river.

• Address historical community land ownership. 

2. Equalization Fund

• Acknowledging Article 204 of the Constitution on the equalization fund and the delay on its disbursement to marginalized counties, we urge the Government to take the following measures: a) Increase the Equalization Fund from the 0.5% as per the first CRA policy formula to 10%

• The equalization fund shall be distributed to the counties by CRA and implemented at the ward level

• Adjust the sunset clause on Equalisation fund to cover up for the period of  delayed fund release

• Establish Economic Think Tank from eminent persons.

3. Devolution

On enhancing devolution, we recommend the following:

• Allocation to counties be increased to 45% of the current Annual Budget

• PFM act to be reviewed to allow counties to directly negotiate and receive development support from development partners and well wishers

• 2% of the Revenue to be allocated to the judiciary fund

• All counties should be connected to the National Electricity Grid to provide level playing field for growth and development and Remove monopoly of the Kenya power and lightening company to accommodate the private sector for healthy competition and better service delivery

• Semi-Autonomous government agencies and Regional Regional Development bodies at the National government level but implementing other programs and projects at the devolved level including National irrigation board, National Cereals and produce board, Kenya Urban Roads Authority and Kenya Rural Roads Authority be dissolved and their responsibilities and resources devolved

• The National Government should provide an Economic Stimulus fund for the key growth sectors (Livestock, Agriculture, Climate Change, Infrastructure, Natural Resources development,transport, cottage industries etc., to create employment growth, social well-being and Equity in the North

• The National Government should invest in water Security at least 2% of the National Revenue for all our counties.

• Noting the BBI proposals on protecting all the existing 290 constituencies, including protecting seats key for the representation of sparsely populated areas, it is our recommendation that;  the existing 47 counties, 290 constituencies and 1450 wards be retained and request for the creation of more constituencies, wards and Counties.

• We propose for the  creation Hulugho and Habaswein Constituencies

• We propose for Ijara County.

4. Security

To strengthen the county and community participation in security matters we recommend

• The Government to invest in Counter-Radicalisation measures in the national government and enhance corporation between the two levels of government in counter terrorism measures.

• The County Action Plan must be directly funded by the National government for all the northern counties so at to protect the nation against terror and radicalisation

5. Climate change

• Because of the devastating impact of climate change in our region we recommend the Government to come up with funds and structures that allow investments that mitigate the effects of climate change in the region.

6. Development

• Appreciating the value of partnership and investment for the growth of the economy of the frontier and pastoralist counties, we recommend that the National Government fast tracks and completes all on going infrastructural developments projects.

• The Single most important life transforming investment earmarked for our region is the (North Eastern Transport Infrastructure Project (NETIP) under the NEDI Program which is the construction of Isiolo- Mandera 740km Road this is the single project that can end the complains of marginalization in our area and bring down cost of living in our region and connect the region to rest of Kenya.

• The Government should fast track the implementation of NETIP project the portion of the funding earmarked for the implementation of the annuity funding program should be given to World bank to implement the whole project.

• The Government should establish a holding ground/livestock disease free zone to act as export quality control center at the Port of Lamu.

7. Education

• We recommend that Infrastructure development for schools both Primary and secondary

• Teacher Service Commission be a Semi-autonomous government agency under Ministry of Education for controls and better management.

• Affirmative Education action to train form four leavers with D plus for teacher training and recruit them as teachers.

8. Corruption

We support the proposal that tackling corruption is the single most important mission for the Republic of Kenya, we support His Excellency the President’s most important initiative on fighting corruption and demand that those who are found culpable of benefiting from the proceeds of corruption must be made to account and face the full force of the law.

• Protect whistle blower

• Reward whistle  blower

9. Economic Regional Bloc.

We recommend,

• Enacting legislation anchoring regional blocs in law allowing the to access conditional grants to be used to encourage better planning, reduced wastage and collaboration between counties

• Strengthening oversight independence of county assemblies by ensuring the transmission and management of county assembly Budget is insulated from interference by county executive

• Strengthening oversight role of county assemblies over county budgets

10. Governance

Noting BBI Taskforce’s proposals for an autochthonous, home-grown executive structure that responds to the political realities of Kenyans and to ensure a broad-based and inclusive executive, we propose the expansion of the executive by providing for the President, Deputy President, a Prime Minister, and two (2) Deputies. These positions added to the two Speakers in the Senate and the National Assembly, Chief Justice, and the Attorney General make up nine (9) top positions in the country. We recommend that these nine (9) top positions are shared equally among the regions. 11. Noting the BBI Taskforce’s proposals for inclusivity, the government should guarantee equitable inclusion and representation of the Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera Counties , especially women, in top government positions, leadership, and management of public institutions and resources.

11. Health

• The KEMSA Act amendments which were recently passed by the national Assembly compelling counties to exclusively procure their Pharmaceutical and Non-Pharmaceuticals from KEMSA works against the letter and the spirit of devolution and must be revoked. Counties must be allowed to procure the above competitively from qualified suppliers.

• We strongly oppose the formation of the Health Services Commission as works against the letter and the spirit of devolution because of the challenges we have with teachers under the Management of teachers service commission that has brought education to its deathbed.

12. Historical Injustices.

The Government should undertake full implementation of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation commission (TJRC) and Ndung’u Report. The victims of Garissa,Wagalla and Malkamari Massacre should be compensated.

13. Resource allocation

Provision of services is Expansive in respect to the geographical land size as such we recommend allocation be based on population, geographical characteristics, status of development and historical marginalisation  that a critical component of the revenue sharing formula should be based on land mass and to be increased at least 15%


H.E. Capt. Ali Ibrahim Roba Governor, Mandera County 

H.E. Ali B. Korane Governor, Garissa County 

H.E. Mohamed Abdi Mohamud Governor, Wajir County


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