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I will host “Inua Mama” legislators and not the Wajir governor— MP Nasri Sahal



WAJIR—Nominated member of Parliament, Nasri Sahal will host the female legislators under the “Inua Mama” initiative and not the governor of Wajir County.

Speaking to Kulan Post, Nasri said banners doing round on social media showing picture of the governor, Mohamed Abdi alongside ‘Inua Mama’ legislators was the creation of people she said were hellbent on destroying intent of the event.

“The governor has nothing to do with this. It’s an “Inua Mama” initiative and I’m the host leader,” Nasr Sahal said.

Inua Mama is a group of female MPs and senators from across the country who made several visits to different parts of the country for development projects such as aiding women and youth groups with equipments and accessories for empowerment.

They are expected at Wajir town on November 30th for rally at Orahey grounds.


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