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Jubbaland leader reiterates call for reconciliation with President Farmaajo



KISMAYU—President of the Jubbaland State administration now reiterates his earlier call for reconciliation with the heads of Federal Government led by President Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo.

In a farewell speech last evening at his residence in Kismayu held for the visiting dignitaries who attended his inauguration on Saturday, President Ahmed Mohamed Islam “Madobe” said he is open for talks, saying it was time to end hostilities and embrace unity.

“Somalia has been through a lot of hostilities and clan fights. The political process we are in right now needs consensus and compromise as well as respecting the laws that constitute the federal units,” Madobe said.

The Jubbaland leader added the he would go out of his way to rectify the areas of contention surrounding the process that saw his re-election in August which the federal government entirely rejected. He also invited his political rivals who claimed election victory in the August polls to come to the table for negotiations.

“Anyone here can take the responsibility of representing me in talks that would lead to reconciliation with all the parties that are against my mandate to lead Jubbaland as along as the talks are within the parameters of the law,” Madobe stated.


In a press statement shortly after he was re-elected by the local assembly, the federal ministry of interior and federal affairs termed the Jubbaland polls an endorsement drive choreographed by Madobe.

“We will not recognize the outcome of an election which goes against the Constitution and electoral laws,” the statement stated.

It continued: “The Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs will only recognize the result of an election where all candidates participated and that’s free and fair…where the Federal Government and the international community plays its observer role.”

The statement appears to respond to President Madobe’s earlier call for reconciliation with the leaders of the Federal government. 

“Jubbaland is not a stand-alone region. We are part of the Somali republic,” Madobe said in his thanksgiving speech after his victory.

Madobe’s second term is most likely going to be rocky as President Farmajo braces for hostile federal state.

Farmajo led administrations is insisting on change of guard and has not responded to the calls for reconciliation.


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