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Kenya ban all major public gathering amid first confirmed case of Coronavirus



By: Reuters

NAIROBI—Kenya has banned all major public events after confirming its first case of the new coronavirus, in a woman who had returned to Kenya from the United States, the health minister said on Friday.

Mutahi Kagwe told a news conference the government had suspended all public gatherings, sporting events, open-air religious meetings and “all events that are of a huge public nature”.

He said schools would remain open but all inter-school events would be suspended.

Kenya, which is dependent on imports from China and other Asian countries, has already started to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic with disruptions to the supply chain.

Kagwe warned traders that “This is not the time to make abnormal profits by charging abnormal prices”.

Following  the  global outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has put in place measures to safeguard staff and port users against the viral disease.

The  KPA Managing Director (MD), Dr. Daniel Manduku announced the establishment of a special committee to spearhead preparedness for the coronavirus disease outbreak at the port of Mombasa.


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