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Let us not politicise Qoraxey market’s planned move —Korane



Garissa Governor, Ali Korane during the Garissa County Consultative
meeting to develop County Peace Building and Social Cohesion Policy. (GPS)

GARISSA— Governor now wants political leaders to shun from “divisive politics” and instead rally for the common good that will benefit the electorates.

Speaking during Garissa County Consultative meeting to develop County Peace  Building and Social Cohesion Policy today, Garissa Governor, Ali Korane noted that the recent public spat with his opponents is jeopardizing effort to “bring Garissa communities together.”

“No one will ever last in leadership but history will judge us. Let us embrace unity for the benefit of the common mwanachi,” the governor noted.

He said the much politicised Qorehey market was a “non-issue,” saying “it should not bother anyone since a new market will be in place soon.”

He said it was up to the occupants of the  dusty roadside market to decide whether to shift to the new 500 stalls that will be constructed by his administration.

“Let us not subject this market  issue to unnecessary publicity for now because this project is already one year behind schedule,” he said.

The Governor expressed concern over the sorry state of the local markets pointing to a case where a mother lost her child who was strapped on her back  due to suffocation during recent Eid shoppings at congested Soko  mugdi.

He said resources to improve the conditions of the local markets existed but but the projects could hardly take off “as some people thrived on poisoning the minds of market traders.”

He announced that he will soon address the County Assembly on the progress of all county flagship projects.


Garissa Governor says his administration has embarked on a process of formulating a bill aimed at peace building, cohesion and mitigation measures as well as conflict resolution.

Korane noted that the County is grappling with inter-border conflict, disputes and killings that ought to be addressed with a concrete institutional infrastructure.

He said the bill will soon be tabled before the County Assembly for consideration.

“I want to urged all stakeholders to actively invest in conflict mitigation mechanisms to avert loss of lives and wanton destruction of property,” the Governor said during his opening remarks.

Korane stated that indicators of an emerging conflict needs to be addressed with urgency before it escalates. He mentioned Garissa -Isiolo border dispute as a pressing issue that the National Government has been hesitant to address for a long time.

“The boundary between the two counties is lucid,  the colonial maps exist, and I don’t see why it should take so much time to address,” said the Governor.

He also took issue with local leaders squabbling over land saying the county had vast land  that was enough to accommodate its population.

“There is no need for people to spill blood under the guise of fighting for land while  igniting inter-clan animosity,

“My administration is committed to coming up with proper land policy that will end the sporadic flare up over disputes and violence in Garissa township and its suburbs,” Korane said.


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