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Mixed reaction to the request for mass transfer of non-local teachers as MP terms TSC “xenophobic”



NAIROBI—Wajir South legislator has termed the teacher’s employer “xenophobic”.

Mohamed Adow was reacting to the  treatment of Northeastern counties by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

His remarks came days after teachers based in the North Eastern part of the county on Tuesday stormed the Teachers Service Commission headquarters in Nairobi seeking transfers.

In a video shared by Citizen Digital, the teachers expressed that there were increased insecurities in the region and demanded to be transferred to other regions.

“Hatuwezisindikizwa na kifaru(military armed vehicle) kama sisi ni bangi, cocaine ama heroine, hapa tumekataa, na imagine kifaru amekaa nyuma ya basi, inamaanisha nini? Enda ukufe mbele, ” one of the teachers lamented.

Eldas MP, Adan Keynan said: “When one decides to become a teacher, they have no choice on where they will serve. Insecurity is not a problem exclusive to the region. However, this should bolster our bid to have a local solution to this recurring matter.”

Former Mandera County Senator, Billow Kerrow also delved into the debate, noting that: “These teachers are con, fraudsters. They apply for jobs in Mandera on their own volition, and after getting it, engage in Victorian melodrama seeking transfers to their homes. Regrettably, TSC/GoK invariably share the same mindset and endorse such deceitful behaviour. Other professionals and businessmen have no qualms working /living in the region.”

Mandera West MP, Adan Haji rubbished the mass call for transfer of teachers from the region, saying it can’t be tolerated.

“Request of transfer is unexceptable and cannot be tolerated any more. It’s time to prioritize local educators for the benefit of our community. There should be no more posting of non local teachers to Northern Kenya. We would not allow our region to be used as a hiring bureau.”



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