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MP challenged to share details of Eldas-Moyale perpatrators with the DCI in bid to stop more bloodshed



By: Abdikadir Ukash

WAJIR—A legislator who claimed he’s aware of individuals fanning the inter-county armed clashes pitting herders from Eldas and Moyale has been challenged to submit the names and details of the suspects to the the relevant authorities.

Eldas Member of Parliament (MP) Adan Keynan stated earlier this week that unnamed people were behind the clashes, warning that they would soon be exposed.

“Those who want to tarnish my name, cause security mayhem in Eldas…let them know that we are aware of your movements and the government is aware of it too,” Keynan said during parent’s day event at Eldas Secondary School where he handed over a CDF-funded 51-seater bus, commissioned a new dormitory and laid the foundation stone for the residence of the Deputy Principal.

“If your intentions is to soil my name, I swear I will not defend you (from prosecution) and I will be the first person to testify (against them)” Keynan warned, visibly indignant.


At least Eleven people were killed on both sides following border disputes pitting nomads in Basuke along the Wajir-Marsabit border. The conflict was caused by the desperate search for water and pasture amid the biting drought. Figures indicate over 300 families from both sides were displaced.

Days into the clashes, a security meeting was convened in Basir, Eldas constituency to stop more bloodshed and displacements after their villages were deserted and left at the mercy of armed bandits.

“The MP has publicly stated that he knows the orchestrators of the recent inter- communal clash that occurred (between) Wajir and Marsabit border,” tweeted Siyad Jimale, a youthful candidate for the Eldas parliamentary seat on Saturday.

“I challenge him to record a statement with the Directorate of the Criminal Investigations (DCI) and name the culprits. We really want this senseless bloodshed to stop,” he added.

Wajir County Commissioner, Mr Jacob Narengo (Courtesy)

Wajir County Commissioner Jacob Narengo distanced himself from the claim made by the Eldas MP, stating that no such information was made available to them by “anyone.”

“If there’s anybody who has any information regarding the Wajir-Marsabit clashes, let them report it to the relevant authorities,” Narengo told Kulan Post in a phone interview.

But he warned that: “Such information should be reliable and one that you can defend in a court of law.”

Two years ago when such clashes took place, Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali said the time has come when certain elements perpetuating the conflict and seeking to destabilise peace in the region should be exposed.

“We know you and your days are numbered. We also ask members of the community to report any individual involved in lawlessness,” he added.

Over the years, the two communities have come into loggerheads for some flimsy reasons over competition for resources but leaders think that there people are being pushed by selfish historical clan and political interests that are behind the clashes.


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