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Nubians to be formally recognised as one of Kenya’s communities, Ruto pledges



NAIROBI—President William Ruto has pledged that the government shall formally recognise the Nubian community as part of the numerous Kenyan communities and tribes.

Speaking at State House last week when he hosted an Iftar dinner attended by Muslim leaders from across the country, President Ruto pledged that he is ready to work with leaders and stakeholders from the Nubian community so that they can be formally recognized as part of the numerous Kenyan communities in the country.

“I want to work with the leadership of the Nubian community so that we can officially recognize them as a Kenyan community,” said President Ruto.

Since Kenya gained independence, the Nubian community has been pleading with successive governments to recognise them as one of the communities in Kenya.

He also observed that the Government is already working with the Nubian community to make their land a model city by building affordable housing and providing better public utilities.

Earlier, in his address, Jamia Mosque Nairobi Deputy Chairman Abdullatif Essajee requested President Ruto to grant them recognition as it was done for other communities such as the Makonde, Asian and most recently the Pemba community.

“Mr. President, the Nubian community is among the most marginalized communities in the Country. Almost a century after they settled in the country, they are yet to be formally recognised as one of the communities in Kenya. Your Excellency, on behalf of the Nubian community, I humbly appeal for you to grant them recognition,” noted the Jamia Mosque Nairobi Deputy Chair.

Kenyans from the Nubian community for a very long time continue to live on the margins of society, always get a hard time in acquiring national identity cards and other vital documents necessary to work officially, go to school and even vote.

In addition, the Jamia Mosque Nairobi Deputy Chairman observed that many Muslims across the country face challenges in obtaining IDs and passports due to the strict vetting procedures and urged the president to end this discrimination feature.

“Your excellency, we appreciate that you honoured your pledge with regards to streamlining the issuance of IDs and passport to Muslims in North Eastern region. We however remind you that the problem of vetting affects Muslims from across the country and is not limited to North Eastern. We earnestly appeal to you Mr. President to end this discrimination and have one set of laws for all Kenyans when it comes to obtaining important national documents regardless of their religious background,” said Abdullatif Essajee.

In his response, the President pledged to end the vetting process and stated that he will work on the other concerns raised by Muslims at the Iftar dinner, whom he urged to work closely with his government to advance peace, tolerance, development, and national unity.



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