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Officials from four mosques in Eldama Ravine town, Baringo County summoned “over noise pollution”



BARINGO—On Wednesday, officials from four mosques in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County were summoned by the area Ward Administrator for using loudspeakers during the Adhan (the call to prayer).

In a letter dated August 25 addressed to Jamia Mosque in Eldama Ravine town, Al Aqsa Mosque in Kamelilo, Masjid Noor and Markaz Tawhid—both in Milimani in Eldama Ravine—Ravine Ward Administrator Paul Tallam summoned the four mosque officials to a meeting to discuss noise pollution.

According to Tallam, he was responding to complaints about “excessive noise pollution” emanating from the Adhan, and ordered the officials of the respective mosques to attend a meeting to discuss way forward on the operation of their amplifying systems and sound levels.

“It has been raised with a lot of concern by members of the public regarding the issue of high sound volume during prayer time. Due to the aforementioned reason, you are invited to a meeting to discuss the way forward on the same issue,” read the letter addressed to the four mosques in part.

During the meeting, the officials challenged the Ward Administrator to “specify the particular noise standards Adhans breached”, wondering why the locals have never raised alarm over the matter.

The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act sets out the framework for establishing noise standards and prohibiting excessive noise. This is with a view to ensuring that the health and public safety of citizens is protected from the harmful effects of noise and excessive vibrations.

The Environmental Management and Coordination Act of 1999 and the Noise and Excessive Vibration Pollution Control Regulations of 2009 provide the legal framework for noise control in Kenya.

The county governments are responsible for enforcing noise regulations in their respective areas. They can issue fines and other penalties to businesses and individuals that violate noise limits. County governments can also establish noise control programs and work with stakeholders to develop noise mitigation plans


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