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Rogue eagle attacks children in Mandera town as fear grows



MANDERA—Residents of Tawakal location within Mandera town are fearing for their children safety after a man-eating rogue eagle attacked children in the area.

It is unknown why the bird of prey appears to have begun targetting children, however eagles have been known to mistake children for prey in the past.

While narrating the incident to a local radio, Fatuma Abdullahi Noor confirmed the attack, saying the eagle targeted her young children.

“It happened so fast, but I managed to prevent the ferocious eagle from snatching away my child 6-year old child,” Fatuma said.

The attack happened at Bula Tawakal at noon as children were playing within the family compound. Fatuma said she recognized the eagle from the photos she saw on the internet and stories she heard about similar attack in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia where the carnivores bird caused the death of a child.

“My instinct told me to run and put the kids in the house but the eagle, which was by then perched on the tree above, flew directly on the youngest child and struggled to lift him up and it was time that I shrieked and run to save my child,” Fatuma narrated.

But the eagle did not give up—it flew to snatch away another older child, but it was heavier.

“I ran towards the seconds child and saved him from the claws of the eagle,” Fatuma said, adding that she moved the children into the house for safety.

After a short while, the eagle flew into the house and attempted to snatch the children out of their mothers hands.

“When I covered them (children) with my hands, the eagle started scratching my back and hands in the hope that I will scamper for safety,” Fatuma continued narrating, adding that the 5- minute long attack left her with bleeding hands and scratches on her back.

This incident is first to be reported in Mandera. Just over two months ago, a child in Ethiopia died following attack at the claws of rogue eagle, attacking residents in the district of Gaashaamo at the Somali regional state in Ethiopia.

Families in the region have been experiencing regular attacks all believed to have come from one particular bird. Two other children have been left injured after similar attacks were visited upon them.

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