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Seventeen Ugaasins of the Jibrail sub-clan endorse the coronation of Chief Abass as the Ugaas of Gedi Noor



By: Harun Salat

NAIROBI—Cheif Abass Ali Bakal was Monday crowned as the official Ugaas of Gedi Noor in an event officiated by the seventeen (17) Ugaasins of the larger Jibrail sub-clan of Degodia.

Chief Abass was officially coronated as the Ugaas of Gedi Noor in a ceremony held at Rhamu on Monday 28th of August , 2023. The coronation process was carried out by the larger Jibrail community and presided over by the seventeen(17) Ugaasins of Jibrail sub-clan.

Ordinarily, the coronation of an Ugaas in the Jibrail sub-clan takes place in two stages. The first stage is done by the branch of the sub-clan that the candidate hails from, and the second is carried out by the Ugaasins of the larger sub-clan to validate the process.

Cheif Abass Cheif Ali Bakal was first inaugurated unanimously as Ugaas by the Gedi Noor section of the larger Jibrail sub-clan last week in a ceremony held at Sarman location, Mandera North Constituency.

Speaking at the validation event, the Ugaasins spoke highly of the services Chief Abass rendered to the community in the area.

“His selflessness leadership and show of patriotism is what propelled the community to crown him once again. We have no doubt that under his leadership, the community is in safe hands,” Ugaas Hussein Ali, noted.

“I believe that Chief Abass’ inauguration will beget unity among the Jibrail sub-clan and peaceful co-existence among the communities living in Mandera County,” he added.

Ugaas Abass Ali Bakal served as a Chief for Olla location in Mandera County for more than three decades. According to the residents, Chief Abass left “a remarkable achievements” during his 36-year reign.

“This significant step acknowledges the pivotal role Ugaas Abass has played, not only within Gedi Noor, but also within the broader Jibrail clan,” said Mohamed Abdi, a resident.

Among the many things Chief Abass was hailed for was how he was passionate about education. “When he was the chief, he took the initiative of getting the children herding camels to class.

“Today, many of these individuals are senior government officials and influential community leaders, a testament to the lasting impact of Ugaas Abass’ efforts,” he added.

Similarly, Ugaas Abass’ father , Ali Bakal , served as a Senior Chief and a community elder for the larger Degodia clan during the colonial rule. Many residents attributes Ugaas Abass’ “outstanding leadership” to his late father.

“This bloodline of leadership indicates Chief Abass’ wholehearted connection to his people and his commitment to carrying on the traditions of service and responsibility,” Noor Ibrahim said.

The people of Mandera North are now hoping that Ugaas Abass will play a critical role in fostering unity among the community and serve as a pillar of cohesion.



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