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SODECA leads team a three-day tour of Ijara Constituency, pledge more aid



By: Hassan Yarrow

Former Garissa County Executive Committee for Tourism, Mr. Adow Kalil Jubat, led a SODECA team ,a local community based organised organization on a three-day tour of Ijara Ward, reconnecting with the vibrant youth, women, and elders of the region.

During the visit, the team was warmly received by the people of Kora, Bulla Banan, Falama, and Hajji Mohamed villages in ijara ward

“It was all smiles for the people when SODECA team and their former minister visited the backyard villages,” Mr. Jubat. told Kulan Post on phone.

“Bigger things are coming for our Partners in Action and their communities,” he added.

One local elder, Haji Mohamed, who spoke to Kulan Post expressed his gratitude for the visit, stating: “We appreciate the SODECA team and Mr. Jubat for taking the time to engage with us. Their support and dedication to our communities are truly a blessing.”

The engagement focused on discussions around social inherent rights, ensuring that the voices and needs of the resilient people of Ijara Ward were heard and addressed.

“We had fruitful discussions on social inherent rights for our resilient people,” said Mr. Jubat.

“Together, we will continue to empower these communities and drive positive change.”

Additionally, the SODECA team distributed much-needed foodstuffs to the communities, helping to ensure a joyous celebration of Eid-ul-adha on the upcoming Sunday.

“The recent El-Nino-induced rains have had a significant impact on these communities, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide some relief and support during this challenging time,” explained Mr. Jubat.

As the tour continues, Mr. Jubat looks forward to sharing a traditional Iftar meal with the villagers, savoring the delectable goat milk tea and ugali mixed with cow milk – a taste of the rich cultural heritage he has fondly remembered since his days in the village.

When asked about rumors of his potential candidacy for the Ijara MP seat in the upcoming elections, Mr. Jubat denied the claims, stating: “My focus remains on serving the people of Ijara Ward and supporting the positive change we are driving together with SODECA and our Partners in Action.”

“On behalf of my community, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our partners for their generous support and unwavering dedication,” concluded Mr. Jubat.

“Together, we will continue to empower these resilient communities and drive positive change in the Ijara Ward.”


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