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Somali President Welcomes Newly Appointed Acting UN Envoy



By: Hassan Adan

MOGADISHU—In a meeting at the Presidential Palace, Villa Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud welcomed the newly appointed acting United Nations Special Representative for Somalia, James Swan.

During the discussions, the two leaders focused on accelerating the partnership between the Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations.

They particularly highlighted areas of mutual cooperation, including humanitarian efforts, peace-building, and security.

President Mahmoud provided Envoy Swan with an update on the Somali government’s ongoing campaign against the Al-Shabaab militant group.

He also briefed the UN representative on the administration’s initiatives to spur economic development and overall progress across the country.

Expressing confidence in Swan’s new role, President Mahmoud voiced his hope that the UN Envoy would diligently work to fulfill his responsibilities and further strengthen the vital collaboration between Somalia and the international body.

The constructive dialogue between the Somali head of state and the visiting UN representative underscores their shared commitment to addressing Somalia’s multifaceted challenges and accelerating the country’s transition towards stability and prosperity.


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