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Somalia’s Federal State leaders endorses the contentious constitutional review as Puntland objects



By: Hassan Yarrow

MOGADISHU—The National Consultative Council, a summit made up of the federal and regional states, has fully endorsed the recent Constitutional Amendments.

In a communique released on Saturday evening, the Council called on the parliament to expedite the approval process for the remaining chapters, taking into account past agreements reached by the National Consultative Council.

The communique further noted that the “agreement marks an important step forward, as it quashes rumors that the leaders of Jubaland, Southwest, Galmudug, and Hirshabelle were dissatisfied with the ongoing constitutional review process.”

However, the leader of Puntland, Said Deni, did not participate in the National Consultative Council, opposing the constitutional changes.

“This endorsement by the majority of Somalia’s leaders is a positive sign of progress in the country’s constitutional review process,” noted Ahmed Abdi, a political analyst based in Mogadishu.

“It demonstrates a commitment to finding common ground and moving the process forward, despite the dissent from Puntland,” he told Kulan Post in an interview

The constitutional review process has been a long-standing priority for Somalia, as the country seeks to solidify its governance structures and address longstanding political tensions.

The acceleration of the approval process for the remaining chapters of the constitution is seen as a crucial step in this direction.

As Somalia navigates this critical juncture, the international community has expressed “cautious optimism”, urging all parties to continue engaging in constructive dialogue and compromise to ensure a stable and inclusive political framework for the country.


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