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State Says It Will Probe “Claims of Abductions and Enforced Disappearances” During the Anti-Finance Bill Protests



By: Hassan  Yarrow

NAIROBI—The State has issued  statement on Tuesday in response to the recent claims of abductions and enforced disappearances of anti-Finance Bill protesters allegedly perpetrated by security personnel

This comes at the wake of nationwide demonstrations that turned violent early last week

In the statement, Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration Mr. Kithure Kindiki acknowledged that the initially peaceful demonstrations were “hijacked by a group of violent organized criminals” who committed serious crimes, including attempted arson against Parliament and the Chief Justice’s office.

However, the government reaffirmed its commitment to upholding the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and demonstration.

“This right, as well as all other constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms must be enjoyed within the law, peaceably and without disrupting civil order,” the statement read in part.

The government also pledged to hold the organizers, planners and financiers of the violent crimes accountable through prosecution, once the ongoing investigations are completed. At the same time, the statement noted that any “infractions or excesses by law enforcement officers will be investigated and appropriate action taken on those found culpable.”

Addressing the claims of abductions and enforced disappearances, the government unequivocally stated that “all persons within the territory of Kenya are protected from unlawful or arbitrary arrests, abductions, enforced disappearances or any other illegal method of confining suspected criminals.” The government reiterated its duty to respect and ensure the protection of all constitutionally guaranteed rights, and vowed not to condone any violations, whether by security personnel or private individuals.


The statement emphasized that independent constitutional and statutory agencies will investigate and prosecute any person or official implicated in violating the law through the confinement of individuals outside legal procedures.

The government response appears to be an effort to address the concerns raised over the alleged abductions and disappearances, while also reaffirming its commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the constitutional rights of Kenyan citizens.


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