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Take up technical courses and actively take part in civil duties, youths from Nothern Kenya told



By: Hassan Adan

NAIROBI—Youths from Northern Kenya have been challenged to actively participate in civil duties as part of their contribution to nation-building exercise.

While addressing a group of youths from Northestern counties at a function in Nairobi, former Garissa county CEC for Trade and Tourism, Mr. Adow Jubat said that youths have a critical role to play in the development of their respective counties, and by extension the nation, through the deployment of the knowledge gained along their educational journey.

“Now that majority of you (youths) are highly educated, we expect a visible change in our previously neglected northern region since resources are now partly devolved,” Jubat, an ex-journalist, told the group.

He added: “Initially, we had an excuse of blaming many factors for our multi-sectoral underdevelopment such as high illiteracy among our communities, institutionalised discrimination in resource allocation

“But with devolution and a large number of skilled youths, we have no excuse for not catching up with the rest of the country.”

Jubat similarly urged students from the region to choose courses that are aligned with the emerging market needs, such as Information Technology (I.T) and those providing technical skills, which are growing in demand due to the exponential growth experienced in most towns due to devolution.

He further warned youths against selfish politicians who use them for unproductive political or clan expediency such as muddling their opponents or rival communities on social media and public forums.


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