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When it rains in Garissa, it pains



Heavy rains make roads impassable in Garissa County. (Courtesy)

By Kevin Kyalo

GARISSA—Garissa County Commissioner has been asked to immediately mobilize a disaster management committee to address the ongoing floods that have left roads impassable by the Kenyan livestock marketing council

Addressing the press in Garissa town, the Council’s vice chair Dubat Amey, said that transport to Masalani in Garissa and Wajir-Mandera road have been cut off following the heavy showers that have been throbbing the area.

“Recently we asked the national and county governments to send teams to make assessments of floods and water assessment but up to date they have not submitted their report,” Dubat said.

He noted that disaster management is under the national government and its should act before things get out of hand.

“We have some areas like Ghurufa in Lagdera Constituency that have been literary marooned. We want the County Commissioner and the National Disaster Management Authority to discuss the situation.” Added Amey.

He said students were unable to go home despite schools having closed especially in the outskirts areas of Garissa town.

In Ijara sub-county, business has come to a standstill as passengers and business people find it difficult to move their goods as the road network has been greatly affected.

Transport has also been disrupted after a section of Garissa-Malindi highway was washed away by floods.

The raging floods have washed away Madogo-Bura road leaving commuters stranded.

North Eastern has lagged behind in terms of growth in tarmacked roads compared to other parts of the country. This is accredited to the neglect by previous governments.

Garissa has been one of the most affected regions following the onset of the rains. Residents are now calling the County and National government to assist as the rains continue causing havoc in major areas within the county.

The Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) has urged all motorist to exercise caution during this rainy season being experienced in various parts of the country.

The national government on its part has embarked on tarmacking of major roads within the region with the aim of connecting the three major northern Counties of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera.


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