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Why Aden Daud and Aden Keynan parted ways



WAJIR—Eldas legislator Aden Keynan and the influential city lawyer, Aden Daud have parted ways over the direction Wajir County should take at the wake of new administration.

According to several people privy to their latest fall-out, the two long-time political buddies differed days after Mohamed Abdi was ousted and his deputy took charge of the county.

Adan Keynan wanted to take charge of the health and finance departments, something the new governor, Ahmed Ali Mukhtar alias Werar, was not comfortable with.

Both Aden Daud and Keynan as well as the CAS for Environment, Mohamed Elmi are the trio that introduced the inaugural governor of Wajir Ahmed Abdullahi to the voters, later dethroned him in the polls and lsupported Mohamed Abdi in the 2017 elections.

Shortly after Mohamed Abdi survived the Supreme Court, the trio had one problem—the former First Lady Kheira Omar.

Former governor Mohamed Abdi following Senate proceedings. (Courtesy)

The Senate heard during the impeachment trial that the ousted governor “allowed his spouse to literally run the affairs of the county as the de facto authority.”

She mainly controlled the health and the finance departments. According to a memorandum by the Wajir County Assembly, the MCAs linked the governor’s spouse to a constant reshuffling of Chief Officers in the Finance department six times within two years, in what they claimed was aimed at destabilising the docket to “allow the siphoning of public funds through dubious contracts.”

The trio severally held meetings with the former governor in an attempt to complain about his constant referral to his wife whenever they needed his attention.

“They were so uncomfortable (the trio) with the arrangement of having his (former Governor) spouse in every meeting they set with him,” a person privy to their dealings intimated to Kulan Post.

With the growing frustrations, Aden Daud decided to break loose from the group and made his exit so loudly for all to see. In rejoinder, Mohamed Abdi picked fight with senator Farhia Haji, the spouse of Aden Daud. On a Jamuhuri Day fete on December of 2019, the former governor used such words as “take care” while referring to the nominated senator.


All the while, however, Keynan was patient with the working schedule involving the former First Lady while Elmi took a back seat. Elmi later apologized for his 2017 endorsement of Mohamed Abdi.

For more than one-and-half year, lawyer Aden Daud was planning to replace Mohamed Abdi with a better leadership, a move Keynan only joined o week before the historic impeachment.  And when the power transfer became a reality, Keynan saw the opportunity he always sought—taking hold of the health and finance departments.

On the other hand, Governor Werar was planning to put people who understand the department at the helm since it’s where the shoe was most pinching.  Shortly after the reshuffle was done, Adan Keynan felt his input was ignored, setting off series of event that culminated in the Tuesday office break-in at the county headquarters.

On several occasions last week, Kulan Post understands Adan Daud met with Keynan to convince him to stop the planned disruptive events in Wajir. They wanted him to allow the governor “run the county and appoint people he fits deserving to be in his administration.” Perhaps it was Adan Daud’s way of cleaning the mess he partly created in 2017 gubernatorial elections, but Eldas MP was not seeing from that angle.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Ali Werar shortly after he was sworn-in to office.

On Thursday during the swear-in ceremony of the new deputy governor, Adan Keynan was blasted for frustrating the new administration.

“There is a petition in a Kenyan court regarding the impeachment of the former governor and we should all wait for the court’s verdict. We would all be bound by the verdict of that court.

“Until then, Wajir has a government sworn in into office legally. We should all support it to deliver services to the people of Wajir,” said Adan Daud, the Wajir East MP hopeful on Thursday.

As the region forms new power axis, Aden Daud is slowly coming out of the shadow to redefine the role powerful individuals can play in pursuit of people-centered interest.


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