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Banadir Administration to target pharmacies, chemists in Mogadishu amid surge in use of illegal drugs



By: Hassan Adan Yarrow

MOGADISHU—The Banadir regional administration has taken decisive action by publicly destroying drugs commonly misused by young people.

Governor Yusuf Hussein Jim’ale Maddale sent “a stern message to those involved in the illicit distribution of narcotics,” warning of impending prosecution for offenders.

The drugs, which originated from medical centres and pharmacies, have significantly contributed to the escalating rates of addiction among Mogadishu’s young population.

The Banadir regional administration’s proactive measures aim to safeguard the well-being and future of the city’s youth, Governor Maddale said.

Maddale also issued a strong advisory to businesses, urging them “to refrain from importing products that could be detrimental to the younger generation.”

The governor highlighted a recent incident where authorities intercepted candies designed to resemble cigarettes, expressing concerns about the potential promotion of smoking habits among children.

To address this issue, the government announced plans to revoke the licenses of those found importing such hazardous goods, firmly demonstrating their commitment to protecting the health and welfare of the city’s youth.

The regional administration’s endeavours to tackle drug abuse have gained significant momentum following a recent seizure at Mogadishu’s port. Port authorities successfully confiscated 249 cartons of illegal snus tobacco, locally known as Tabuuga, which had gained popularity among Somali youth.

This seizure serves as a testament to the authorities’ determination to address the root causes of addiction.

The proactive actions taken by Governor Maddale and the Banadir regional administration have garnered widespread appreciation from the community.

Concerned citizens and parents have expressed relief and support for the administration’s unwavering stance against drug abuse.

These resolute measures underscore the administration’s commitment to creating a safer and healthier environment for Mogadishu’s youth.

Local advocacy groups and civil society organizations have commended the government’s efforts, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive anti-drug campaigns and educational programs.

The Banadir regional administration’s resolute stance against drug abuse sends a powerful message to all stakeholders: protecting the younger generation is paramount, and no efforts will be spared in ensuring a brighter future for Mogadishu’s youth.


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