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Al-Shabab’s second in command killed in Lower Shabelle: Reports



MOGADISHU—Several top Al Shabab militants were Monday evening killed in a suspected U.S. airstrikes between Sablaale and Arabow towns at Lower Shabelle, Somalia.

Reports indicate that at least six people died in the drone attack. Among the dead are, Abubakar Ali Aden, the militant’s deputy leader, and several other commanders of Yemeni Ethiopian (Oromo) and Kenyan origins.

Three months ago, two key Al-Shabab militants were killed in U.S. airstikes in Bula Fulay area in the Bay region of Somalia on Sunday evening.

According to sources privy to the operations, the strikes targeted Sheikh Mohamed alias Abu Yahya, Shabab’s head of intelligence division. Other key Shabab figure killed in the attack include Abdullahi Osman, the ex-commander of suicide operations and explosives division. Abdullahi was currently serving as chief commander of the militants operations in Kenya.

Kulan Post understands that the targeted  attack happened immediately the commanders arrived to attend a high level secret meeting at Bula Fulay.

On the 17th of October, Kulan Post reported the killing of Maalim Ayman, the Al-Shabab military commander responsible for carrying out coordinated attacks in Kenya, at Jilib in Middle Jubba.

Two months later, the government of Somalia confirmed the attack, saying operation that led to the killing of Maalim Ayman was the result of collaboration between the Somali Armed Forces and U.S. military.

“His killing (Abu Ayman) is a thorn removed from the Somali people,” said a statement issued on December 21 by the Ministry of Information.


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