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Jubbaland opposition leaders vow to work with President Madobe



NAIROBI—Jubbaland opposition leaders have vowed to work with President Ahmed Madobe in a surprise move on Sunday.

In a brief statement, the faction said decision to back the Kismayo-based administration was informed by “the prevailing threat of Al-Shabab and other crucial factors.”

“At this juncture, Jubbaland cannot affort a political push-and-pull. We have a growing threat posed by Al-Shabab and we must set aside our personal and political interests in a bid to focus on the campaign to free areas controlled by the militant group (Shabab),” the statement seen by Kulan Post reads in part.

The Sunday meeting is first in a series of multi-faceted consultative meeting to be held by the political factions ahead of a military campaign against Shabab. It’s aimed at achieving unity of purpose against “whatever that threatens the peace and stability of Jubbaland.”

On his part, president Ahmed Madobe welcomed the move, saying “the future of Jubbaland needs the candid contribution of all, and I welcome anyone with sincere intent to come on board.”

The Sunday meeting came just a day after the Jubaland Presidential Candidates Council held a press conference at Serena where they called for a means to solve the political and security situation in the Federal State.




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