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The Clan Clashes in Mandera County: A Call on the Governor to take leadership role



By: Hassan Adan Yarrow

Mandera County finds itself in the grip of escalating tribal clashes between the Murulle and Degodia communities. As a concerned citizen, I am deeply troubled by the violence that has shattered the peace between these two clans that had once lived by each other in harmony.

I firmly believe that politicians are fanning the flames of these conflicts for their own gain, while the lack of proactive leadership from both clans and the county government only exacerbates the situation. It is a shame that the governor has remained silent. He’s even yet to comment on the assassination of a peace elder in Rhamu town nearly a month after the event occurred.

The history of peaceful coexistence between the Murulle and Degodia communities stands as a testament to the bonds that can be forged when differences are respected and celebrated.

However, the current clashes demonstrate a significant breakdown in the social fabric that once united these communities. It is disheartening to witness the division and animosity that have taken hold, leaving behind a trail of violence, loss of life and shattered families.

While the responsibility for these clashes lies with the individuals who perpetrate violence, it is the politicians who bear the burden of guilt for fanning the flames. They manipulate the grievances and frustrations of the communities, exploiting their differences for personal and political gain. This calculated strategy only serves to deepen the animosity and prolong the cycle of violence, tearing apart the very fabric of our society.

Equally concerning is the lack of proactive leadership from leaders within both the Murulle and Degodia communities. It is essential for leaders to rise above personal interests and prioritize the well-being of their people. By fostering dialogue, understanding and reconciliation, they can play a pivotal role in bringing an end to the clashes and rebuilding the bonds of brotherhood that have since been fractured.

Moreover, the laxity of the county government in addressing the ongoing clashes is deeply troubling. The lack of swift and decisive action sends a message that the authorities are indifferent to the suffering of the affected communities. It is a shame that the governor has not publicly condemned the violence or taken steps to ensure the safety and security of all residents in Mandera County.

The tragic death of a peace elder at Rhamu town in Mandera North serves as a painful reminder of the urgent need for leadership and accountability. The silence of the governor in the face of such a heinous act is unacceptable. It is the duty of the county government to protect its citizens, promote peace, and take decisive action against those responsible for the violence. The lack of response not only undermines the trust of the people but also perpetuates a culture of impunity.

In light of these challenges, it is imperative that immediate steps be taken to address the root causes of the clashes and restore peace to Mandera County. Political leaders must be held accountable for their divisive rhetoric and actions. Communities must come together, encouraged by their leaders, to engage in open and honest dialogue, seeking understanding and reconciliation.

Furthermore, the county government must demonstrate its commitment to the well-being of its residents by taking swift and decisive action to ensure the safety and security of all communities affected by the clashes. It is the responsibility of the governor to publicly condemn the violence, provide reassurance to the people, and work diligently to restore peace and harmony in the region.

In conclusion, the county government led by the governor Mohamed Khalif must take immediate action to restore peace, provide security, and rebuild trust among the affected communities. It is only through united efforts and committed leadership that we can bring an end to these clashes and restore the peace and harmony that Mandera County so desperately needs.

The author is a freelance journalist based in Mandera County. He can be reached on


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