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Kakamega to host the first women-only Quran Competition in Western Kenya



NAIROBI—A Kakamega-based Non-governmental Organization, Iqra Foundation, in partnership with Western Kenya Muslim Women, will hold the first annual “Western Kenya Muslim Women Quran Memorization Competition.”

The two-day event is set to kick-of on 11th of August. It will be held at the Kakamega Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre in Kakamega County.

Islamic scholars and guest speakers from different parts of the country will be among the dignitaries to grace the unprecedented event. Muslim women contestants drawn from Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia, Vihiga and Trans Nzoia counties will showcase their skills in recitation and memorizing the holy Qur’an.

Speaking to the Friday Bulletin, Ms Maryam Wandati, the coordinator of the Western Kenya Muslim Women, stated that the competition aims to inculcate the reading and memorization of the Noble Qur’an among women in the area.

The competition is categorized into four groups: memorization of five chapters, ten chapters, fifteen chapters, and the entire Qur’an. During the competition, Muslim women will also be tested on their prowess in Seera, Fiqh, and Tawheed. Winners of the competition will be awarded prizes in a bid to inspire other and motivate the contestants.

Commissioner Hadija Nganyi taking oath of office at the Supreme Court, Nairobi. (Judiciary)

Ms Hadija Nganyi, a leading figure in the preparation of the event, said they will use the event to create awareness on the challenges faced by women in the areas.

“Besides the Quran Competition, we also seek to take advantage of the platform to highlight the plight of the Muslims in the area as well as empower women through creation of income-generating ventures,” Hadija, a commissioner in the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA), told Kulan Post.

While echoing Hadija’s sentiments, Ms Maryam, who is also the Kakamega Jamia Mosque Women representative, disclosed that the competition, which will close on Saturday; August 12th, will also witness the launch of a sharia-compliant Muslim Women SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization) to facilitate the empowerment of Muslim women.

The sharia-compliant SACCO will enable women to save and access financial services that will assist them in establishing and developing businesses, improving skills, and accessing education to ultimately improve on their livelihoods.


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