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Somali President Chairs National Consultative Council Meeting to Address Political, Security Challenges as Puntland snubs



By: Hassan Yarrow

MOGADISHU—Amid heightened political atmosphere in the country, President Hassan Sheikh has today chaired a meeting that brought together top federal government officials and Federal Member state leaders from across Somalia. The meeting was snubbed by the Puntland leader, Abdullahi Deni.

A brief statement from the Villa Somalia stated: “The heads of the federal and state governments are discussing the security situation in the country, especially the fight against al-Shabab.”

Originally scheduled for April, the NCC summit was postponed due to “technical reasons” attributed to escalating tensions among federal and regional leaders.

However, the recent gathering witnessed the participation of influential figures, including Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre and regional state leaders such as Ahmed Mohamed Islam from Jubbaland, Abdizais Hassan Mohamed Laftagaren from South West, Ahmed Abdi Kariye from Galmudug, and Ali Gudlawe Hussein from Hirshabelle.

Conspicuosly, Puntland State leader Said Deni boycotted the summit in response to recent constitutional amendments that aimed to enhance the President’s powers and establish direct universal suffrage in the upcoming national elections.

The NCC meeting represents a crucial platform for Somali leaders to engage in constructive dialogue and find common ground on critical national issues.

Through these discussions, they strive to foster unity, strengthen security efforts, and ensure a transparent and inclusive electoral process.


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