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Three people dead in Mandera over cholera outbreak



By: Abdikadir Ukash 

MANDERA—At least three people have succumbed to Cholera in Mandera County, Mandera County CEC for Health Mohamud Adan Mohamed has confirmed.

The official stated that over 500 cases were reported across the county with average admission rate of 30 patients per day.

“We can confirm that three people have since died of suspected actute watery diarrhoea; one udult and two children,” Mohamud said.

The outbreak was initially detected in Mandera town few weeks ago, but movement of unsuspecting patients to other parts of the county has aided in the spread of the infection. The outbreak has so far been detected in Mandera East, Mandera West and Mandera South.

“The udult who succumbed to the disease travelled from Mandera town to Gither location. She developed symptoms of acute watery diarrhoea. She was admitted at a local private hospital but when her condition escalated, she was reffered to Takaba sub-county hospital where she slipped into coma and also suffered renal complications due to loss of large volume of fluids,” Mohamud stated.


In Elwak, a man who travelled from Mandera exhibited cholera symptoms. He has since been admitted at the local sub-county hospital in isolation. At Shimbir Fatuma in Mandera South, four patients are under medication.

In Takaba, one female student died of suspected acute watery diarrhoea.

“The school management of Takaba Girls Secondary School took long to seek medical attention. However, they later admitted her at a private facility in the area who assessed the situation and established that the girl was not responding. She was later reffered to Takaba sub-county hospital where she was pronounced dead,” the Health CEC noted.

He added that: “Were it not for the delays, the death of the student was avoidable if well managed.”

In all the areas where cases were detected, the official stated that they have initiated contact-tracking, hygiene education and treatment of water sources.

The locals were urged to take “personal responsibility for their safety by maintaining high levels of hygiene.”

The administration has sent a stern warning to private health facilities who admit and attemp to manage the cholera symptoms.

“We have written letters to all private facilities to refer suspected cases to the nearest Cholera Treatment Centres since they have the capacity to manage the situation. We have also formed team to do follow-up on the directive, and they will be conducting impromptu inspections to probe if the directive is implemented,” Mohamud said.

Any health facility that won’t implement the directive “will immediately be closed.”

In response to the outbreak, the county government of Mandera has commenced mobilisation of resources, deployed Public Health Officers and volunteers as well as chlorination of water sources such as wells. Also, all schools in the county will be targeted for the prevention and containment of the disease.


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