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Mogadishu records 500 Covid-19 related deaths in 12 days, the Mayor reports



NAIROBI—Mogadishu records 30 deaths every days in what the city administration suspect is Covid-19 related cases.

While speaking at a Coronavirus sensitization event, the mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Filish said his administration recorded 500 deaths in 12 days.

“We record between 19 and 49 deaths related to COVID-19 daily…We have recorded at least 500 deaths since April 19 to date,” the mayor said on Friday.

The city of Mogadishu has lately seen a sharp rise in deaths. Locals reported a “daily increase in the number of people interred.”

The UK paper, The Guarding earlier this week quoted Mohamed Osman Warsame, an ambulance driver, who said that he had transported between 15 and 18 corpses to cemeteries in the capital every day for the last two weeks, many times above the usual daily figure of between two and four.

The mayor expressed frustration at the inability by medical teams to conduct autopsy on the dead before burial due to strict Islamic customs. He said results would help in confirming cause of death.


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