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A firm hanshake and a fond embrace: Keynan’s 2027 grand plan



By: Abdirahman Khalif

NAIROBI—Last week, fate granted Eldas Member of Parliament (MP) two politically significant victories—-he was ranked the best legislator in the region, and made a truce with his nemesis.

“In unity, we have the opportunity to build a brighter future for all the people of Eldas,” noted Keynan shortly after he reconciled with Ahmed Boray, his rival in the last two General Elections at a hotel in Nairobi. The accord—which caught many by surprise–was a culmination of weeks of intense negotiation midwifed by the community leaders such as the Sultan of the Jibrail Sub-clan, Rashid Abdille.

The reconciliation move came at the backdrop of a bruising political process that saw an unprecedented high voltage campaigns and a year-long election petition challenging the poll victory of Keynan. Both the High Court and the appellate dismissed the petition, but Boray was prepared to try his luck one final time at the Supreme Court.

“After a long deliberation with the elders led by the Sultan, we came to the informed conclusion to give pacification a chance. We hope that this will enable an ample opportunity for unity and development to take effect,” Boray (ODM) said.

Two hours after the “Handshake” with Boray, a photo surfaced online showing Keynan and Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi enveloped in a tight embrace. Two days later, a Mizani Africa, a national pollster, ranked Adan Keynan “The best performing legislator in the region.”

Is Keynan building a launching pad?

The surprise truce with Boray and the fond embrace with Governor Ahmed has further fuelled speculations that Keynan has his eyes trained on a county position, and that his reconciliation with two of his longest time political nemesis of over seven years is nothing but a move to consolidate his backyard which has the potential to offer him the much-needed launching pad to secure his next big move.

Keynan has previously served as the MP for Wajir West Constituency (1997-2002/2007-13) before Eldas was curved out. Local political analysts believe the display of bromance with Governor Ahmed—a reigning political leader from a large part of the vote-rich Wajir West going by the 2022 poll pattern—and a truce with Boray and his supporters in Eldas Constituency is a “calculated move aimed at putting his house in order.”

Next move: 2027 elections

Mid this year while speaking during a tour of the constituency, Adan Keynan made what many observers said was his farewell speech. He spoke about the process that saw him join politics in 1997 when he was first elected into the August House, the elders who backed him which he said was a vote of confidence and the what the future holds for the area and his political future.

“Last year (2022), my plan did not include defending my seat, but I was not in agreement with the remarks made by section of my rivals that they would send me away. I came to power through the endorsement of the community leaders, and I believe I can only forfeit my position through such a process involving all the stakeholders with a keen view to what it holds for the future,” Keynan noted.

Other observed that Keynan, unlike Ahmed Boray, used the phrase “for the interest of the county” more than three times, further stocking the increasing political grapevine in Wajir County that indeed the Eldas legislator is paving way for a higher post.

“My focus now is to unite the people of Eldas.. and help the President (Ruto) deliver his manifesto,” Keynan, the longest serving MP in Kenya’s history, told Kulan Post when asked about his next political move.

However, his latest patterns and realignment leave more questions on the content of the card he’s so tightly holding close to his chest.


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