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Vandals destroy Wajir streetlights just five days after they were repaired, installed



WAJIR—The recently serviced and installed street lights and main flood-lights in Wajir town were last night vandalised by unknown people.

While inspecting the conditions of the damaged lights, the deputy governor of Wajir Ahmed Muhumed said the individuals behind the vandalism will be apprehended and brought to book.

“As an administration, we took a pledge of service and promised the restoration of all the street lights within Wajir town. The work has started and will be finalized soon,” Ahmed assured.

He added: “It will, however, be tragic if we allow such bad elements with us to destroy installations of public properties and assets that aid in the provision of security. I therefore call on the security agencies to investigate and arrest those involved in such destructions.”

First installed by governor Ahmed Abdullahi during his first term between 2013-17, the Mohamed Abdi administration (2017-22) saw the project dimming away slowly. It was renovated just five days ago.

“We have restored the lights back on our Wajir streets. I commend our engineers and County officials for working tirelessly to ensure our promises to our beloved people on the streetlights have been fulfilled within the set timelines,” the governor who’s serving his interrupted two-terms said in a post to his social media platforms.

The local police boss told Kulan Post that detectives have started probe into the matter.


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