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Ease process of issuing IDs and passport for applicants from Nothern Kenya, State told



By: Erick Kyalo 

GARISSA—The Commission of Administrative Justice (CAJ) has called on both national and county government officers to serve their citizens diligently without any kind of discrimination.

Speaking after opening a regional office in Garissa Thursday, CAJ Chairperson Florence Kajuju said that in the 2010 constitution, it is the right of the citizens as taxpayers to get government services or information as required.

The office will serve residents of Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Tana River and Kitui counties.

“We do not want to hear people saying that ‘Garissa is not in Kenya’. If you have any complaints against any office, bring them to us so that we can work on those issues and make sure your rights are adhered to and that justice is served,” Kajuju said.

“If you are not satisfied by how an officer has served you or you have been denied certain information, report to our offices so that we may help you. Our work is to ensure that all citizens get services as required in the 2010 constitution. To make sure that the county and national government employees deliver to the citizens,” she added.

Kajuju asked the area residents to take advantage of the office to bring out issues that needs to be addressed by different levels of government to ease governance and service delivery.

“You have leaders who you just elected the other day. We are here to make sure that they do the work you elected them to do. If for example, you need water and the governor is not doing something about it or you needed a health centre but a hospital has been constructed instead, come to us so that we make sure that public participation is implemented,” she noted.

On the issue of issuance of National Identity Cards and travel passports which has been a ‘thorn in the flesh’ for the residents in Northeastern region, Kajuju asked the regional and county administrators to work on a plan to ease the process of vetting residents for IDs.

She called for involvement of CAJ in the vetting process so that any complaints may be reported and resolved on time.

“We have asked our regional commissioner that let our representative be a member of the vetting committee so that we may work together and offer an opportunity for residents to report and complaints instantly,” she noted.

National Gender Equality Commission (NGEC) Chairperson Dr. Joyce Mutinda who was also present reiterated the need for more inclusion of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in employment opportunities without discrimination.

Mutinda further called on gender mainstreaming in all government institutions and make sure that 2/3 gender rule is achieved.

“We are fighting for gender equality and non-discrimination. We want people to be given equal opportunities especially the youth, women, people living with disabilities and the minorities in this country so that we can all move forward,” Mutinda said.

“We will look at the legislation and all the policies in this country in ministries and private sector to make sure that they adhere to gender equality and are not discriminative,” she added.


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