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Kind daughter who donated part of liver to father says “daddy is well”



A photo of Hafuuz and her father, Abdullah. (Twitter)

MOGADISHU—The daughter who caused mixed feeling on social media when she declared that she would donate part of her liver to her ailing father has now reported that “daddy is good.”

Hafuus Abdullah tweeteed on Tuesday that her father, Mr Abdullahi was responding positively to the donated organ.

” I’m finally out of the hospital. My dear father, it pained me so much to see you ill, and giving you part of my liver to save your precious life was the least I could do as your daughter. I love you, aabbe. You’re my whole life.I hope you a successful recovery,❤️.” She posted on her twitter.

Hafuus was described as loving daughter who would sacrifice everything for her parents.

“Loving words” Hodhan Naleye, a social media personality in Somalia tweeted in reply.

“Masha’allah. sis @Hafuuus, You are teaching us a practical lesson in loyalty and sincerity. You deserve our prayers and love. We ask the Almighty Allah to give a better reward in return and keep you healthy & successful,” Mohamud Ahmed said on Twitter.

Daud Hirmoge, a social media influencer said Hafuus’s selfless gesture made him “guilty”.

He shared a  lengthy Facebook about the kind gesture.

“I hear, Hafuus Abdullahi successfully underwent an operation to cut part of her liver for her sick father. She is recuperating in India where the operation took place.

Hafuus makes me look guilty, like I did nothing to speak about for my parents. I wish I was able to take part of my mum or my dad’s pain during their illness.

She is extra ordinary. She is brave and courageous. May Allah give us children who will love us in equal measure.”


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